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‘The only questions that really matter are the ones that you ask yourself’

1. What is your company’s collective priority? Do you have one, or does each department have their own?


2. What are your company values? Are your employees living up to them? What’s your company’s vision and mission? When was the last time you revisited them and is it time for a refresh?


3.What makes your brand different? What’s your purpose and why is it relevant to your target market?


4. Who is your target market? What do you know about them and what do they think of you?


5. How effective are your marketing communications? If you stopped doing one thing tomorrow, what difference would it make to your brand and business?


6. What determines your marketing spend, habit, budget or behaviour? Are you investing in the right channels?


7. Are you working with the right agency partners? How are you measuring their performance?


8. How superior is your product or service? What makes you stand out and how would people describe you?


9. How integrated is your marketing activity? Do you work in channel silos or as one marketing function and how connected is your customer journey?


10. Have you reviewed your sponsorships and media deals recently? Do you know if they are still working, or could there be efficiencies to be made?


11. How do you support your leadership team with their growth and development? Do they have the headspace for succession planning?


12. Are your leaders at the top of their game? Could their performance or productivity increase if they invested time in their self-development and/or understood how to better harness their strengths?



There are a more than a dozen reasons why Numero P could help you. As certified coaches we offer a fresh and creative approach to traditional consultancy that supports leadership transformation and delivers brand and business growth.  If you’ve got a project in mind, we’d love to chat

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