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Vice President Human Resources (Dubai, UAE)


“I had the pleasure of being coached by Numero P – and within only the first couple of sessions they helped me learn more about myself and identified practical action steps to overcome my challenges. My coach was powerful, understanding, patient and a true partner”



Head Of Leadership And Behavioural Development (Dubai, UAE)


“Numero P did a phenomenal job. I had an issue that has been bothering me for over a year and in just two sessions my coach was able to help me through it. They were easy to talk to and is great at following up post discussions too”



Managing Partner (Dubai, UAE)


“Numero P helped me to find clarity and gain control over my life, and make professional decisions with greater confidence and determination”



Head of Provider Engagement (Abu Dhabi, UAE)


“My Numero P coach is a genuine, caring, compassionate, genius. She manoeuvred through through my issues and areas of improvement with instantaneous precision. From my very first session with her, she used my own words to lead me to several breakthroughs, and “aha” moments and I felt more confident and ‘lighter’ immediately after. Her unique experience and background allows her to seamlessly tackle and give insights both personal and professional areas of life. I feel lucky to have found her and plan to continue regular touch-base sessions indefinitely. I cannot recommend Numero P enough and feel like not only will they be my coach partner of choice but that they will be a long time confidant and friend. I look forward to growing under their direction and guidance”


Lead Copywriter (London)


“What drew me towards Numero P was a sense of curiosity more than anything else. I was content with my job and satisfied with how things were going, not in desperate need or ‘searching’ for anything in particular. But I was interested to see what it was all about and how they might be able to help me re-focus and give myself a bit of a kick up the backside, and I’m really happy that I gave it a go. 

I worked with Matt for a couple of months and session by session we ran through a series of exercises, some general and some specific, and after each hour I emerged feeling energised, motivated and in a more positive frame of mind than when we began. And besides, who doesn’t enjoy the chance to talk about themselves for a bit? 

Matt has a real knack for drawing insights out of you, often from comments you make which you might initially think are innocuous or inconsequential. As the weeks went by, Matt led me to a series of revelations about some personal and professional ambitions which I hadn’t previously even thought of.  

And once we’d zeroed in on these ambitions, we put in place a strategy – with the key to that being my own personal accountability and responsibility for reaching them”

Business Owner (Marbella, Spain)


“I’ve only been working with Numero P for a short time and already I’ve seen and felt positive shifts, both in my mindset and my business. I think we all know deep down what we want to achieve, but sometimes we just need that Wing Woman/Man to push us in the right direction. Having someone there to talk things through with, set targets and someone to be accountable to has helped me put many things into place that I’d been procrastinating over for months. For anyone thinking about a Business Coach…go for it! Even if you’re unsure about what direction you want to take at the moment, Numero P will help you with it all. Good luck on your journey”

Director Of Product And Operations (Gibraltar)


“My Numero P coach, Keri, was a true partner throughout my transition into a management role, acting like a soundboard in my decision-making process and helping me to overcome my challenges.

Keri’s method is very effective: she never gives you the answers, she asks the right questions that make you reflect and help you find within yourself ‘your right’ way to move forward. 

She challenged my perceptions and ways of thinking which led me to the development of new thought processes. The sessions have helped me to grow both as a professional and as an individual. 

Keri is person of integrity, highly intelligent and proficient as a coach. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to unlock their potential.”

Head Of Acquisition And Customer Onboarding

“Keri’s approach to coaching brought me immediate benefits. Each session, I received meaningful information and feedback that I could act upon right away—and during my work with her that stream of meaningful, useful information has remained constant. Keri made my interests and my success her paramount concern, following up with emails after an important meeting/event.  I’ve found the executive coaching process so valuable that I am looking forward to extending our original agreement.”

Senior Designer (Gibraltar)


“Whether you’re struggling finding your purpose or you’re halfway to reach your goal, there’s no doubt that Numero P will be a great resource for you. And if you’re already there, Matt will help you run the extra mile you need to stand out. I went through a few months of coaching sessions with him and it helped me finding inspiration and motivation. He also provided with helpful practical tools and helped me planning an effective strategy in order for me to effectively reach my goal”

Director Of Customer Service (Gibraltar)


“Coaching with Numero P is like having a very wise friend who can lead you to the answers to your challenges whilst making you question your assumptions along the way. Coaching has been a mind changer for me, it has made me more circumspect in certain areas and more detailed in my communications which has led to less repetition of instructions and explanations in my day to day working life ultimately freeing up more time to focus on my goals. The sessions flew by and for me it was great to take some time to reflect on what was happening in the workplace and why it was happening and how to prioritise effectively. Finally, I found that the coaching led me to understand myself better which meant I can better understand why I react in different ways to different situations and characters. I’m sad my coaching journey has come to an end but would recommend Numero P to anyone interested in starting theirs”

Business Owner (Gibraltar)


“Working with Numero P has been inspiring and the opportunities it opened my eyes to within my business fills me with excitement once more. My coach provided me clarity, direction and the drive I so desperately needed. They made me accountable (something I definitely need to make me finish my tasks before getting carried away with new ideas) and celebrated my achievements with me along the way. My coach took me from a position of fear, boredom and confusion to where I stand now: positive, driven and focused. I can’t recommend Numero P enough. Thank you so much”

Derivatives Trader (London, UK)


“After a change in circumstances due to Covid-19, I worked with Numero P on a one-to-one coaching basis. My coach helped me to navigate the complexities of the situation as well as identifying new opportunities that aligned with my values. My coach was an excellent listener – asked considered yet thought provoking questions to help guide my thinking and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them”

Head Of Retention (Gibraltar)


“I started my coaching with Numero P shortly after beginning a new role within my current company. I found the transition challenging with many new aspects to learn and inheriting a new team. Through my coaching sessions I was able to prioritise the many actions which needed to be taken, but most importantly my Numero P coach helped me realise many aspects of myself I’d always considered weaknesses could actually be utilised as strengths. With this refreshed outlook I was able to embrace the challenges of my new role rather than fear them”

Director of Fraud (Gibraltar)


 “My Numero P coach was a natural born coach. She was flexible in her approach and always very positive. Her techniques vary from practical exercises to simply listening. The sessions spent with her were challenging, thought provoking but always enjoyable. She clearly had practical knowledge of workplace environments, which helped to open conversations to discuss my challenges and more importantly she then used various techniques to help me overcome them. It was clear that the onus was on me to open the door to the many possibilities that exist whilst at the same time suggesting tools and approaches to turn the opportunities into successes. I would happily recommend Numero P for their coaching and mentoring services to anyone who is looking to improve soft skills that are invaluable to progressing their career”

Compliance Manager (Gibraltar)


“When I first met my Numero P coach I was exhausted, not in a good frame of mind and getting overwhelmed by work. I was very negative and emotional. I didn’t know where I fitted in the structure and what my purpose was. My coach enabled me to open up and get that weight of the world off my shoulders. Putting the challenges and emotional turmoil I was experiencing into a place that I could reframe into a positive and manageable being. This allowed me to learn to take the time to process, actively listen and not be immediately defensive. My coach understood what worked for me and in the first few session enable me to offload my frustrations so we could look and move forward with some small changes that have made a big difference. My confidence grew and the change from that first day to today is poles apart. My coach was insightful, supportive, and her practical advice has a allowed me to improve my performance to reach my personal and the businesses objectives”

Product Manager (Gibraltar)


“Every coaching session with Numero P was a real experience, the intensity and depth of our conversations helped me to understand who I am as a person and professional. The sessions highlighted what truly motivates me and helped me to switch my mindset from the constant search for approval towards embracing my values, focusing on the solution and adapting my approach to different situations. I used to expect change to be challenging, however I realised after only a few sessions that how I managed change was within my control. My Coach successfully presented different perspectives in a constructive manner, encouraging me to reflect on my actions and results. I will miss my weekly sessions because during those sessions, I learned more about myself than ever before”

Head of Acquisition (Gibraltar)


“Numero P helped my personal development greatly and I’m already seeing improvements within myself and my team by applying the things I’ve learnt from my coaching sessions. On a personal level, I’ve always known where I want to go in my career, however my “method” of doing things was not scalable when taking on more ownership and more responsibility. Numero P introduced me to some new ways of thinking, alternative approaches to situations and new processes that will enable me to be a top performer in my current role and get the best out of my team, whilst readying me for future progression. My Numero P coach is an expert in the field. She has the ability to delve deeply into root causes or personal weaknesses to flesh out solutions and new ways of thinking in a very practical manner for immediate results” 


Head Of Payments (South Africa)


“Numero P was amazing. I always felt like I was fighting wars along. Working with Numero P gave me a new perspective on challenging situations and felt like I finally had someone in my corner. I strongly recommend Numero P and the sessions have helped me to deal with challenging situations constructively”

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