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Having set up my own creative agency, I was asked by a client what I thought of their social media. I sent them a pair of under pants (Y-Fronts) in the post with the words “Your social media” scrawled across the front.

Impressed by my honesty, I was invited to come in for a chat and present my agency credentials. The client was looking to put their account up for pitch. I politely declined the opportunity. Pitching is expensive and time consuming. Instead I offered an hour’s consultancy.

The following week I went to their offices for an hour meeting. I did not open my laptop once or take a single note. I just listened to them and told them what sort of agency I would be looking for based on the information they shared with me. Four weeks later my agency was appointed.

The only thing you ever sell is confidence. To do so, you need to believe in yourself before others believe in you.

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Awesome Works

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